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"Chante Holliday and her Team at HCR Custom services were fantastic delivering me my Course in a box!! Super patient while trying to get in touch with me to help upload my content on my CRM!! I recommend her services 100%. Their Customer service was amazing."

Born Again Financial Services LLC

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We all have studied trigonometry and algebra, but we have been kept in the dark about knowledge that would come in handy in our daily lives. From running behind our Certified Public Accountant for our taxes to relying on Word-of-Mouth for Credit Repair or buying a home for the first time, we all have encountered hiccups. 

Build People's Dreams

Some lucky people are blessed with this person who solves their tax or realtor troubles; we’re here for you.

Work Hard to Succeed

Playing Cupid for the wise and the one seeking wisdom, we bring you our tailored courses, from doing your taxes to repairing your credit score, rebranding, traveling, and Airbnb business; we have it all and more! And for the wise, HCR’s white-label courses and services assist you in making your courses so that you can help your community as a mentor and earn more money even when you are on a work break. 


what do you need?


HCR Custom Services was pioneered to help people with knowledge in their fields, like realtors and credit repair business owners, to become mentors and help their community.

It was started by Chante Holliday to help establish a source of passive income for people. With an intent to aid every business owner, HCR Services works with a principled and measured approach. 

It’s tough to understand the nitty-gritty of business which one learns after hard knockdowns. You must share this unique knowledge and experience to break the complexities and create a flourishing and wise society. With such a seer-like prediction, Chante Holliday started HCR Custom Services. 


Everyone wants their business to flourish and gives their time to follow it. Our white-label courses and services create a tailored course in your chosen field, even with little involvement. Our team efficiently shares it on the desired platform, thus helping your community learn from you as a mentor while you earn money through those courses. 

Founder’s Foreword

How Are We Different From Others?

Source to Passive Income

With you sharing your courses, the community and you benefit simultaneously.

No Certification is Required

You need not be a certified mentor or tech-savvy to plan these courses. Just let us know what you want; we have your back! Our team is here to help you from the start to the end.

Use Your Time Wherever You Want

You can utilize the time you save anywhere you want. Whether it is traveling the world or socializing to strengthen your business community, you become the boss of your own time.
"Knowledge is the biggest strength of this world. It can empower every one of us. Our dream is to spread such knowledge to the ones who need it the most while helping the experts become a mentor to fulfill that dream with ease."
Founder’s Foreword

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