Credit Repair Business Premium Course in a Box


Course curriculum

Module I . Let’s make a change

Course Overview:

Course Objectives:


Module II : Getting your ish together

Course Objectives:

Lesson 01: Business Structures

Lesson 02: Creating your domain

Lesson 3: Surety Bond


Module III: Business Banking & Merchant Account

Module Objectives:

Lesson 1: Business Banking & Merchant account

Lesson 2: Payment Gateways

Lesson 3: Branding your business


Module IV : Credit Repair Software

Module Objectives:

Lesson 1: Credit repair software

Lesson 2: Client Dispute Manager


Module V : Disputing and Credit Monitoring

Module Objective:

Lesson 1: Disputing and Credit Monitoring

Lesson 2: Credit Monitoring Companies

Lesson 3: Smart Credit

Lesson 4: Identity IQ


Module VI: Getting the Word Out

Module Objectives:

Lesson 1: Getting the word out

Lesson 2: Keeping your head on straight

Lesson 3: Exposure


VII : Closing



Course in a Box (Duration 3-4 business days / Delivered via Email)

Includes Lessons, and one picture per lesson for a more appealing presentation. We upload it for you into your thinkific account or account of choice. 

Once uploaded you Immediately can charge whatever amount you want for your students to enroll.

(Quizzes and cert of completion can only be added if the option is available within your e-learning platform)

Courses are delivered 3-4 business days of purchase in the order received.

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