How to become a Paid Travel Influencer Course in a Box



Course in a Box Synopsis:

We, at HCR Custom Services, have created a one-of-a-kind marketing course in a box, that is designed to help your students grow their business. After purchase, we will load the content onto your e-learning platform such as Thinkific or Teachable, and we offer white label marketing flyers that assist you in promoting your new Course in a Box.

Benefits of adding a Course in a Box to your Company

  • Adds additional value to your company
  • Educate your customer and builds buyer’s confidence
  • Collect valuable feedback from your clients
  • Cultivates Credibility
  • Promotes your existing courses, products, and services
  • Builds online buzz about your company and school

Course in a Box (Duration 3-4 business days / Delivered via Email 

Includes Lessons, and one picture per lesson for a more appealing presentation. We upload it for you into your thinkific account or account of choice. 

Once uploaded you Immediately can charge whatever amount you want for your students to enroll.

(cert of completion can only be added if the option is available within your e-learning platform)

Courses are delivered 3-4 days of purchase in the order received.