Elite Bundle




Choose Any 10 Courses + Course Workbook + Marketing Flyers + Launch your course ebook + Launch your course checklist + 60 minute 1 one on one marketing strategy session call

Elite Bundle Includes:

  • A Custom Pre-made Course: A 5 Star Custom Course at your finger tips. Tailor Made for the busy business owner in mind who needs to save time and energy. While delivering a guaranteed excellent experience to your students. With our customizable white label courses you can enroll students for a life time, recession proof your business, prepare yourself for the slower months, and use as an additional sales funnel for your growing empire
  • Course Workbook: A customizable course workbook, where you can edit and; and your students can track your valuable notes and personal goals.
  • Customizable Course Marketing Flyers: Unique, customizable marketing flyers to promote your online white label course as premium quality and appealing in every way.
  • Launch your online course Ebook AND Checklist: A simple guide to help you get your new white label course up and running. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to launch your online course with ease…
  • 60 minute 1 one one marketing strategy session call: The Marketing Strategy Call is a 60-minute call with with the owner to discuss your business, goals and objectives. We will also ask a few questions about your sales background and experience to get a better understanding of who you are to best assist you.

About this bundle:

  • HAVE THE COURSE OF YOUR CHOICE – With this elite bundle, you will have the privilege to choose the courses to be included in the bundle.
  • ADDITIONAL PASSIVE INCOME – this course will help you have an additional source of income without giving so much effort. The courses will be uploaded to your school and your student is allowed to enroll immediately.
  • SAVE TIME AND ENERGY – with this course bundle, you will have the opportunity to teach your students without sacrificing your time. Courses will be uploaded to your school by our tea, on any platform.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY – Every single course is made carefully and sure to be accurate with zero to minimal errors.
  • FAST DELIVERY – course bundle will be delivered within 3 days by our team

Benefits of adding a Course in a Box to your Company

  • Adds additional value to your company
  • Educate your customer and builds buyer’s confidence
  • Collect valuable feedback from your clients
  • Cultivates Credibility
  • Promotes your existing courses, products, and services
  • Builds online buzz about your company and school


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