Simplify Your Life with HCR’s DIY Credit Repair Course in Three Steps:

  • Choose your DIY credit repair course
  • Get your DIY credit repair course Uploaded by us
  • Enroll Your Students in credit repair course yourself


 What you’ll learn from HCR’s DIY Credit Repair Course 

  • How The Credit Repair Process works
  • How to Deal With Debt Collectors
  • Learn About 609 Letters
  • Sending Dispute Letters to Bureaus
  • Learn about the Dispute Resolution Process.
  • How to Handle Credit Bureau and Creditor Responses
  • Debt Negotiation and Settlement
  • How to Remove an Item from a Collection
  • What Exactly Is A Debt Validation Letter?
  • How to Make a Complaint
  • Raise and Improve Your Credit Score
  • Where Can I Get Free Credit Scores & Reports?
  • How to Examine Your Credit Scores


 Who can Buy the DIY Credit Repair Course?

Anybody with experience in credit repair services who wants to become a credit repair specialist or a coach can buy a complete DIY credit repair kit.

How to become a DIY Credit Repair Specialist?

A DIY credit repair specialist should be well-versed in credit and credit repair laws which include the following:

The Act Regulating Credit Repair Organizations

The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

The Act on Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions.

Credit repair professionals should also be familiar with the federal government agencies involved in consumer rights, such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. DIY Credit repair specialists should be familiar with their state’s credit repair laws and the bonding requirements for credit repair organizations and debt collectors.

 How Does a DIY Credit Repair Course Kit Work?

HCR Custom Services takes care of all your needs. You have to enjoy the legacy. HCR DIY credit repair kit has a one-of-a-kind marketing course in a box designed to help your students grow their businesses. Once you purchase the DIY Credit repair kit, the HCR team uploads the DIY Credit repair course onto the e-learning platforms of your choice. Such as Thinkific or Teachable. And the HCR offers white-label marketing flyers that assist DIY credit repair specialists like you in promoting their new Course in a Box. 

Benefits of Adding DIY Credit Repair Course to your Company.

  • Adds additional value to your Company
  • Create more opportunities for credit repair specialist jobs
  • Educate your customer and builds buyer’s confidence
  • Collect valuable feedback from your clients
  • Cultivates Credibility
  • Promotes your existing courses, products, and services
  • Builds online buzz about your Company and school


What is Included in a DIY Credit Repair Kit?

DIY credit repair course includes Lessons and one picture per lesson for a more appealing presentation, exercises, quizzes and much more. We upload it to your thinkific account or account of choice. 

Once the DIY repair kit is uploaded on the E-learning platform, you can immediately start promoting it and delivering it. (you can add a cert of completion if the option is available within your e-learning platform). 

When do DIY Repair Credit Courses are Delivered?

DIY credit repair kit in a Box is sent to you via email within 3-4 business days.

How do I write DIY credit repair letters?

Don’t worry; the DIY credit repair letter format will be in the kit.

In What Format this DIY Repair Kit is Delivered?

DIY credit repair course is delivered to you in text format. You can convert the DIY repair course into video format using your logo. That means you have complete control over the DIY credit repair course content once you buy the DIY credit repair course kit, which helps in doing personal branding and portrays you as a DIY credit repair specialist. Also, you can author a credit repair book to build substantial credibility and another passive income as a DIY credit repair specialist.

The most frequent question asked is how much a credit repair specialist makes.

The answer is there is no limit to making money in that profession. It depends on your expertise and how you can gain more of your credit repair kit content in different ways.

If you think about which is the best credit repair specialist near me, you yourself are. Just buy the credit repair kit from HRC and learn to operate credit repair software, and you are ready to go.



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