How to Get a Good Work-Life Balance and the 15 Best Ways to Do It

women having a conversation while looking at the screen of a laptop

How to Get a Good Work-Life Balance and the 15 Best Ways to Do It

women having a conversation while looking at the screen of a laptop

Balance is a word that we use to describe almost everything we do, whether we know it or not. A lot of the work culture of today is based on the idea of balance.

How Can Work and Life Be Balanced in a Healthy Way?

“Preventing something is better than fixing it.”

As an employer, you have a big part to play in making sure that your workers don’t get caught up in the work-life balance feud.

In the same way, there are several things you can do to help people find a good balance between work and life.

Here are the 15 best ways to find a good balance between work and life.

1. Taking a break between jobs
Taking breaks from work helps people deal with stress.
The human body was not made to keep going for hours at a time. Some light walking or desk exercises can be very helpful in this situation.
These short breaks will help you get over being tired and make you more flexible at work.

2. Volunteering Time Off
Volunteering is a great way to keep in touch with people and make new friends. Getting employees to volunteer for social causes helps them relax and feel more connected to the community.
In addition, this helps a company’s CSR (Company Social Responsibility) efforts. So, the organization and its employees will have a good reputation.

3. Making a plan
One way to find a good balance between work and life is to plan the day-to-day tasks at work. It helps people decide what to do first based on how important each task is.
Also, following a well-thought-out plan saves a lot of time at work. So, it gives them a chance to think about something other than work or take a break.

4. Promoting a healthy way of life
Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a big part of a healthy work-life balance for an employee. Employees who are healthy are like the jewels on the crown of every business. Employees’ physical and mental health are affected by a bad balance between work and personal life. When you think about it, this makes them much less productive. Getting employees to live healthier lives gets rid of a number of health risks.
Just like good physical health helps you stay active, a mind that is free of stress is like a room full of light. This helps employees do well in their jobs and in life as a whole. A healthy lifestyle is also a great way to deal with stress and helps employees handle it better.

5. Encouraging a policy of “no work at home” after work hours
Most of the time, when deadlines are missed, employees take their work home with them. The fact that employees have too much work is a big problem that makes it hard for them to leave work. Work during off-hours makes it harder for people to get the rest they need.
Also, it hurts people’s social lives, which are important for having a healthy mind. Employers can make sure this doesn’t happen by having a strict “No Work at Home” policy.

6. Work hours that are flexible
You can’t keep a good balance between work and life if you don’t have any time for yourself after you leave work. In this case, it’s very important to be able to change your work schedule. When work hours are flexible, employees can pay as much attention to their personal and social lives as they do to their work.
A person’s work performance can also improve with this kind of schedule. It also works as an alternative way to deal with stress.

7. Managing your time is a very important part of having a good balance between work and life.
Most people don’t pay attention to this phase. So, by the end of the day, they are so busy with work that they have no time for themselves. So, it’s important to make sure you have a good plan for the day.
In this case, it would help to use time-management tricks like the Pomodoro technique.

8. Encourage Hobbies
We all have things we like to do for fun, like reading, painting, taking pictures, dancing, collecting old stamps, and so on. A good work-life balance is more than just putting work and family first. It’s also about putting value on the things that make you happy in your own life.
With all the noise of juggling work and family, we often forget to take care of our own hopes and dreams. An employee is more likely to take time for themselves if they have a hobby.
This really helps them give their employees what they want in terms of a good life. Employees can find time for themselves even with their busy schedules if they have a hobby.

9. Invite people to work from home
Getting people to work from home at least once a week or whenever they need to could help them get rid of the stress they feel at work every day. Working from home with family around or taking care of pets while working is good for the mind of an employee.
When employees get benefits like these, it makes them feel very grateful to their employers. It also makes them the people who talk up for your group. So, it gives a boost to a good relationship between an employee and their boss.

10. Time off that’s paid for
Vacations are no longer a luxury in this day and age. Instead, it’s more of a must. Employers need to realize that time off from work has become an important part of the way people work today. It works very well to let workers take long breaks without cutting their pay. Employees feel more refreshed and at ease when they get back to work, which makes them more productive.

11. Feedback from time to time and surveys on work-life balance
Assessing the employees from time to time is an important part of making the workplace healthy. Situations can change as time goes on, and keeping track of these changes is very important if you want to find good solutions. These help employers fix problems that might get in the way of a healthy balance between work and life.
Getting feedback and surveys from employees is another way for organizations to learn more about them and work on the problems they bring up.

12. Parental and child care leaves
No one can deny the joy of being a parent, and we all deserve to enjoy this moment. But this happiness comes with responsibilities that everyone has to deal with, which could make it hard to get work done.
So, to deal with this problem, you can plan to give all of your employee’s maternity and paternity leave. This is good for your employees, but it will also help your brand’s reputation a lot.

13. Places to Watch Children
Most parents with kids younger than five have a hard time juggling all of their responsibilities. This is even harder when both parents have jobs and have to choose between their jobs and their lives. And this could hurt their career, making it hard or impossible for them to move up.
As a responsible boss, you may not want this to happen to any of your workers. To prevent this, you can plan to have child care facilities set up within the company or somewhere close by.

14. Working from home
Everyone who works wants to be able to work from anywhere. It’s not like they’ll be traveling all the time, but they can pick where they want to work best.
This building would make it easier to get the best people on board. Also, everyone will be able to meet their social obligations without missing work.

15. Workplaces that allow pets
As more millennials and Gen Zs get jobs, pet-friendly workplaces are becoming more popular all over the world. The employees from these generations are full of life and love their pets. If you let your employees bring their pets to work, it will give them peace of mind and make the workplace more fun.

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