5 of the Best Testimonial Techniques for Online Course Creators and Business Owners

photo of woman wearing white shirt

5 of the Best Testimonial Techniques for Online Course Creators and Business Owners

photo of woman wearing white shirt

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1. Establish a Referral Bonus Incentive

Most individuals are driven by self-interest. Even if you request a testimonial, the likelihood that someone will actually provide one is low. Unfortunately, clients only contact you when something goes wrong, so take comfort in the proverb “no news is good news” if you haven’t heard much yet.
However, there is a way to turn such selfishness on its head.
If a person has something to gain by providing a testimonial, then their tongue loosens (or rather, their keyboard magically starts working again).

The incentive bait I use in a few of my businesses is the following:

  1. Marketing-boost Vacations: Everyone loves to travel. I give free vacation vouchers, I was able to try it out first with their free trial, and I suggest you do the same. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. Click here to try it out for yourself. 
  2. A 30 Day Free Trial with Thinkific: I’ve used Thinkific for 4 going on 5 years now to educate my students; and I can honestly say I love it. Click here to try it out with no cost to you. 
  3. $15 and a Free Account with Tailwind to schedule their Pinterest Pins and bring  more traffic to their businesses. Click here to check out Tailwind for free and get $15.
  4. Lastly, Copy.ai and Quill-bot Sometimes I get tongue-tied and don’t know what to say. I suggest checking out these two amazing tools to help you fill in the blanks. They help me with creating descriptions, social media captions, keywords, blog outlines, literally everything. Click here for a free trial with copy.ai. // Click here for a free trial with Quill-bot. 

How to Establish Testimonial Bait:

Start by constructing your Bonus. It might be a PDF, an additional video lesson, or some other sort of course content enhancement. Important is that students perceive this as additional value, not as something they’ve already paid for that is being held hostage.
Ask the Appropriate Questions, Receive Better Testimonials:

The true value of a powerful testimonial for prospective buyers is hearing the opinion of a person who has walked in their pre-purchase shoes.
Although it’s lovely to hear clients say that your course was “excellent,” this is not a particularly valuable feedback for helping potential buyers overcome purchase fear.
The greater the specificity of your testimonials, the better.

How to Ask the Most Appropriate Testimonial Questions:

Describe a few questions that, when arranged sequentially, represent the whole tale of a student’s journey through your course. The arc of that story should begin by asking what your customer’s problem was prior to enrolling in your course and end by asking how the course helped them solve it.

3. Establish Client Expectations with Launch:

Surely you’ve encountered launch discounts before. It occurs when a product is drastically discounted in comparison to its typical price for a brief period of time after its release. In a product-launch funnel, launch discounts are an effective marketing approach for generating buzz, acquiring initial consumers, and gauging the market’s response to your offering.

4 How to Exchange Coupons for Testimonials:

First, establish a standard fee for your online course. Ensure that the total price is communicated in all marketing materials.

Step 2: Cut the standard price in half for the first 72 hours that your course is available (or for as long as you want your launch-discount to last), and make it obvious on your sales page that this is a beta-launch discount.
Use a Scarcity Countdown plugin in the third step.
Include the following in your copy: “For the next 72 hours, you may join our program at a 50 percent launch-discount if you agree to complete a feedback survey at the end of the course and allow us to utilize your responses in our marketing.”

Gather Testimonials From Social Media

Often, your pupils are more interested in sharing their feedback with one another than with you. This implies they may share their ideas on Facebook or Twitter. What can you do if you find a social media comment that you’d like to leverage?

Screen-shotting is one technique to give a testimony from social media, but you may quickly accumulate a large number of screenshots in a folder on your computer. I guarantee it will get increasingly difficult to organize and file over time. You may then easily incorporate social proof throughout your website.

5. Record Your Customers’ Video Calls

Although textual testimonials are quite helpful, video testimonials can significantly increase the likelihood of a sale. From a visitor’s standpoint, video testimonials are immensely sincere and provide an opportunity to hear someone who was in their place discuss their experience with your product candidly. It is simple to request a Skype or Zoom “feedback call” with successful pupils. Simply ask if they would be prepared to discuss their experience with you after completing the course. Now, let me clarify that you should never record a phone call without authorization.

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